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Improve conversion rate  s, drive repeatinteractions and provide a flawless personalized shopping experience

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A native app that has now becomeone of the primary sales channels for the business

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15x increase in conversion rate as compared mobile web and desktop


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Shopify Plus


Creating a viable and profitable sales channel that will guarantee repeat purchases, high customer lifetime values, and higher order values


A native app that contributes to over 17% of their combined sales

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Increase in AOV by 40% from $62 to $87 as well as a 14x higher conversion rate

How Goose Creek multiplied its conversion

rates by 14x through its mobile app


App conversion rate


App contribution to revenue


Higher AOV, from $62 to $87

About Goose Creek

Goose Creek is a family-owned candle company from small-town Kentucky. A popular bath, body, and home products brand, Goose Creek prides itself in its premium soy based products that are also affordable, and long-lasting. Making the health and safety of their customers a top priority, Goose Creek’s candles are not made with harmful or banned chemicals and have lead-free, 100% cotton wicks.

Two of the reasons for Goose Creek’s continued success and growing popularity are pretty straightforward – the team’s data-driven approach and willingness to continuously innovate and implement the newest trends to guarantee their customers a world-class shopping experience.

The need for a native mobile app

App conversion rates outperform mobile web by as much as 15x on an average, boost sales up to 30%, and provide for a far superior user experience – recent research confirms that 90% of mobile device owners prefer apps over mobile web. But along with these compelling statistics, here’s why Goose Creek chose to partner with Plobal as their app commerce partner.

Why Goose Creek chose Plobal Apps

Plobal promised to deliver a mobile app in 2 weeks, and delivered on that promise,  even with custom requests like using our metafields and scripts, something that other app platforms said was not possible or involved a lot of manual work.

Goose Creek is a very data-driven company and heavily relies on it to guide their business decisions. Goose  Creek found value in Plobal’s host of key metrics on customer behavior and app performance that prove crucial to the business. This data has enabled the company to effectively leverage Plobal’s push notification segmentation feature.

Plobal’s team of growth experts helped Goose Creek analyze the data, formulate engagement strategies, and run push notification campaigns that ensured a 60%+ month-on-month increase in sales. Through these laser-focused push notifications, customers are reminded to open the app and shop at just the right time – when buying intent is high.

Testimonial, Goose Creek Candles

Goose Creek’s Journey With Plobal Apps 

Team Plobal, comprising dedicated account managers, growth strategists, and design experts, helped Goose Creek launch a customized app in less than 30 days. Team Plobal worked in close partnership with Goose Creek and managed the app success journey end to end – right from a seamless onboarding experience to improving installs to engaging app subscribers to retaining them. Here are the results – 

A Stunning, Fully Customized App

Given the alluring product range Goose Creek offers, the app too is truly one of the most beautiful apps that Plobal has helped design and build. It looks clean, has a sophisticated aesthetic, and is a delight to use. Available to iOS and Android users, the app is fully customized to reflect the brand persona and look & feel accurately.

14x Higher Conversion Rate Than Mobile Web

The Goose Creek app is not only an easier way to access the store, offering a faster, more responsive shopping experience, but also a more effective way of improving the conversion rate. The app conversion rate for online stores accessed on mobile web is usually around 1-2%. Goose Creek’s mobile web conversion rate is 1.06% MTD (Month to date). Impressively enough, the Goose Creek app conversion rate is a staggering 14 % MTD, almost 14 times higher than mobile web.

17% App Contribution to Sales

To date, the Goose Creek app has contributed to a whopping 17% of total sales and has proven to be a very effective sales channel for the company.

Over 60 % MoM Increase in In-app Sales

The app has proven to be profitable to Goose Creek from the very beginning and has been consistently performing well, displaying a pattern of sustained growth. This is evidenced by the fact that there has been a steady growth of over 60% in in-app sales since the very first month.

Push notifications from Goose Creek

60,000+ App Downloads in Just Three Months

The app has managed to rake in a massive 60,000+ downloads in the first three months. Plobal’s team of merchant success experts and growth strategists helped Goose Creek design and execute a promising acquisition and engagement strategy.

This included displaying an app download banner on the Goose Creek website prompting users to download the app, offering welcome discounts to entice app subscribers, promoting them through a multi-pronged approach involving the promotion of in-app exclusives through the Goose Creek email newsletter, and opt-in screens. There has been an incredible 173.8% increase in app downloads since the app download banner and welcome offer have been enabled.

Check out the Goose Creek app

40% Higher Average AOV in the App

Goose Creek has seen a striking increase in the AOV (Average Order Value), as much as 40% in the app. There have already been more than 10,000 orders in the first three months since the app was launched, and the relative number of orders is slated to improve.

The Success of Goose Creek and Plobal Apps

The Success of Goose Creek and Plobal Apps

What makes 60,000+ subscribers download an app, purchase and repurchase their favorites regularly? The answer is extraordinary shopping experiences marked by ease and efficiency, brought about by personalization. 

A mobile app strategy has further enhanced its market standing, helped to scale business by reaching a higher conversion rate, a higher AOV, brought down marketing costs, and most importantly, improved customer experience.

The highlight of the journey for all of us at Plobal Apps is being able to establish a personal relationship with the Goose Creek team and see a successful family-owned business soar higher and scale revenue through an effective mobile app strategy.

We are proud to partner with Goose Creek, an earth-friendly, responsible brand pioneering sustainability and environmental consciousness in the consumer goods and home fragrances industry.