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Shopify Plus


Improve conversion rate  s, drive repeatinteractions and provide a flawless personalized shopping experience

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A native app that has now becomeone of the primary sales channels for the business

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15x increase in conversion rate as compared mobile web and desktop


Apparel & Consumer Goods

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Shopify Plus


Driving revenue through a powerful native app that guarantees repeat purchases, high customer lifetime values and higher-order values


A native app that contributes to over 23% of total sales

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300% Higher App Revenue from $15,000 USD to $45,000 USD, 170% Growth in Total Sales, 600% Increase in Conversions, 23% App-contribution to Revenue

How Trendia Grew App Revenue By 300%

by Switching to Plobal from Another App-builder


Higher App Revenue With Plobal


Growth in Total Sales


More Conversions Than Mobile Web

About Trendia

Trendia provides authentic Indian goods overseas through its website and takes Indian craftsmanship and cuisine to the global market. Since its inception in 2020, Trendia has grown to be loved not only by Indians in India and overseas, but has also found a loyal global customer base.

You can visit the store here

Growth, supercharged!

Switching to Plobal from another app-builder in the market marked a new era in Trendia’s mobile commerce journey. Trendia’s Plobal experience was marked by quick, efficient customer service, expert guidance for the entire app commerce journey, and unlimited app design possibilities. Here's what the results looked like – 

300% higher app revenue in 3 months with Plobal

Trendia went from making $15,000 USD in app revenue to $45,000 USD in just three months of choosing Plobal as its app-commerce partner. Thanks to Plobal’s team of growth strategists, Plobal could guide the brand every step of the way, from getting app do

23% app contribution to revenue

Within 6 months, the app has proven to be an effective sales channel for Trendia and accounts for 23% of the revenue for the brand. With team Plobal’s customer acquisition and engagement strategies, the brand did not have to invest in any paid marketing campaigns to get mobile web and desktop visitors to download their app.

An app install banner that enticed mobile web visitors with a discount code for their first in-app purchase was displayed on the site. On clicking this banner, a dynamic link would take these customers to the app store supported by their mobile device from where they could easily download the app.

Here's what it looks like:

Laser-focused push notification campaigns were run, which involved sending a segmented audience relevant push notifications based on their location, their buying history, their interactions in the app, and their preferences.

Backed by a host of powerful predictive analytics, the company could send notifications for sale announcements, abandoned carts, abandoned wishlists, abandoned browsing, time-based reminders, special discounts, offers, and more to customers at just the right time, when buying intent was high. This kept users coming to the app and established the app as a viable sales channel for the company. At a considerably low cost, the app has become an owned channel with the highest ROI for Trendia.

600% higher conversion rates than mobile web

With a native mobile app, customers were delighted with a more convenient shopping experience, and the brand benefitted from super relevant, segmented notifications that nudged subscribers to purchase items when the likelihood of purchase was high. As a result, the conversion rate jumped from 1.10% in mobile web to 6.64% in the mobile app and the AOV increased by 15.7%, going from $65.77 USD to $75.98 USD.

170% higher sales in 3 months – right after switching from another app-builder

Plobal’s powerful suite of analytics enabled accurate measurement of key metrics that allowed effective segmentation and influenced business decisions that are critical to the success or failure of push-notification campaigns.

Plobal Apps helped Trendia build a truly stunning app that matched its unique brand persona and look & feel accurately. Unlimited customizable elements and a user-friendly dashboard enabled the company to make further changes to the app quickly and easily, without any help from Plobal.

The team assigned to ensure a successful app commerce journey comprised a dedicated merchant success manager, growth strategists, and design experts who helped the company throughout its app commerce journey, starting from getting app installs, engaging customers through the app, enticing them to return to the app, as well as turning them into regulars.

These factors made quite the difference to Trendia and helped them almost double total sales in just three months of switching from another app-builder

Need for a native mobile app

Initially, Trendia was only a Shopify store. But its products were practically flying off the (virtual) shelves. Floored but excited by the overwhelming response it got only 6 months down the line, the team decided to match the demand, ramp up their operations, and provide a shopping experience that would multiply the benefits of the rising demand by investing in a mobile app strategy and commissioning a native mobile app.

Why Trendia chose Plobal over another app-builder

Before choosing Plobal as its app commerce partner, Trendia had partnered with another app-building platform available in the market. But, that only led to disappointments – the options for app customization in terms of design and features were seriously limited, and customer support was slow and at times, downright unresponsive. More importantly, the platform had little to no scope to measure crucial analytics, even as primary as the conversion rate. Their new app was failing them, and proving to be more of a hassle than the business advantage that they needed.

Trendia x Plobal

We’re proud to partner with Trendia and help them in their mission to make quality Indian products more accessible all over the world and to provide Indians overseas with authentic home sourced goods as easily as they are available in their home country.

You can check out their app here