How CharlesTed reached 55% in-app contribution to revenue in 30 days

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Getting users to download the app to achieve customer loyalty and engagement through push notifications whilst increasing in-app conversion rate.


Increased customer engagement through hyper-personalization and using opt-in screens to educate customers


55% in-app contribution to revenue within 1 month.

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About CharlesTed

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Charlested, an interior decor with a huge web success following their launch in 2017. Equipped with a mission to help people create an effortlessly stylish home with simple key pieces, they forged on and decided to go mobile. However, they struggled to replicate their success on web to mobile, hence the need for a partner - Plobal Apps.

With mobile success in sight, Charlested went on record huge success as a result of partnering with Plobal Apps. Dive in to learn more about their success story.

Challenge 1 : Getting app Downloads

Having had a successful website for 5 years, Kate and Hannah were confident in scaling their ecommerce business to the next level. Knowing that mobile commerce controls 73% share of the global ecommerce market of $13 Trillion, which is expected to reach $55.6 Trillion by 2027, the next logical step for CharlesTed was to create a mobile app as an additional sales channel.

However, this being uncharted territory for CharlesTed, they recognized that they lacked the expertise to convert web visitors into app subscribers and drive consistent traffic to the app.

Solution : Driving Installs

Right from the beginning, Plobal Apps had a clear strategy on how to market the app and drive app installs from different channels by implementing the following:

  • Market: CharlesTed used their 222k strong following on social media to announce the launch of their mobile app to their customers.
  • Download Banner: Plobal Apps set up a download banner on their mobile website to drive organic traffic directly to the app.
  • QR Code: Plobal Apps provided CharlesTed with a QR Code to use on their website which linked users to their app on the Apple App Store and The Google Play Store.
  • Deep links: Plobal Apps provided CharlesTed with a deep link to use on their social media platforms to make the app easily accessible to their customers with a single click.

Result: 4,196 organic app installs within 1 month.

Challenge 2: Getting users to accept push notification permissions

Getting users to download the app was only the first step. CharlesTed needed to reach their active app subscribers with promotional content and for this we required customers to accept push notification permissions upon downloading the app.

However, a majority of the users believe that push notifications can be a bit annoying and consider them as spam. Therefore, the challenge here was to convince the users of the benefits of push notifications and what they would be missing out on if permissions were not accepted.

Solution 2 : The opt-in screens

Every customer out there is looking for that extra benefit for getting the best deal that they possibly can. Plobal Apps has made clever use of opt-in screens to notify customers of latest offers and promotions, app exclusive discounts, new arrivals and a lot more.

This created a sort of FOMO effect and encouraged app subscribers to accept push notification permissions. We further incentivized this by providing a discount code to those who agreed.

Result: In the first month itself where we had 4,196 app installs, a whopping 83.6% of users accepted push notification permissions giving CharlesTed an extremely high reachability rate.

Challenge 3 : Increasing the app conversion rate

Most users are in two minds while making purchases and require that extra nudge to actually place an order. This can be done by providing discounts and freebies but how do we get them across to our end users?

While email and SMS are good options to reach out to customers it is not the best. We all know how easy it is to unsubscribe for an email newsletter, mark an email as spam or even block a number from our devices. We needed something more direct and effective.

Solution 3 : Personalized push notifications

Plobal Apps provides CharlesTed with an advanced personalized push notification tool through which we could create detailed journeys or flows to tackle Abandoned Cart, Browse, Wishlist and more. With this CharlesTed could send reminders to users who had forgotten items in their Cart or Wishlist and help them in completing their order before stocks run out.

CharlesTed also used these personalized push notifications to inform their loyal customers of upcoming Sales and Discounts, New Arrivals and Back in Stock items. All of these combined really bolstered the app conversion rate in comparison to other sales channels.

Result: The app achieved a conversion rate of 12.08% within one month, 10x the conversion of mobile web and 7x desktop.

About CharlesTed

CharlesTed Interiors was established in October 2017 by Hannah and Kate, two friends with a shared passion for all things interiors.

Their journey began when they decided to collaborate on an interior project and sell some of their favorite pieces to friends and family. They sold out almost instantly and decided to set up their own website. They have been killing it ever since.

The CharlesTed mission is to help people create an effortlessly stylish home with simple key pieces. They still source everything in their inventory and don't stock anything they wouldn't have in their own homes.


Be in the tomorrow of mobile commerce, today.

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