How Qiyorro used a mobile app to decrease their bottom line and increase profitability

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The site struggled to provide a seamless user experience, resulting in lower engagement and higher cart abandonment.


The app featured personalized push notifications and an intuitive user interface designed to enhance customer engagement and streamline the shopping experience.


By leveraging push notifications for retargeting at zero cost, the app drove substantial revenue growth, contributing to nearly 50% of Qiyorro's total e-commerce revenue and increasing the brand's profitability.

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About Qiyorro

Qiyorro, a prominent beauty and lifestyle brand headquartered in Doha, Qatar, faced challenges with customer retention and conversion rates on their e-commerce website. To address these issues and capitalize on the growing trend of mobile commerce, Qiyorro launched a mobile app developed by Plobal Apps. This case study focuses on the significant impact of Qiyorro's mobile app, particularly in terms of increased conversion rates and enhanced user engagement.

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Challenges with the Website

Before the mobile app launch, Qiyorro's website had several limitations:

  • Retention Issues: Engaging and retaining customers was difficult without personalized engagement tools.
  • User Experience: The website struggled to provide a seamless user experience, leading to lower conversion rates and higher cart abandonment.
  • Differentiation: The website alone was insufficient to stand out in a competitive market.

Mobile App Launch

Qiyorro launched a mobile app in collaboration with Plobal Apps, designed to enhance customer engagement and provide a superior shopping experience. The app featured push notifications, personalized recommendations, a user-friendly interface, and seamless navigation.

1. Conversion Rate (CR)

Leveraging Push Notifications: By using targeted push notifications, Qiyorro could re-engage users with personalized offers and reminders. These notifications effectively drove users back to the app, significantly increasing the conversion rates. For example, the app has achieved a conversion rate as high as 11.60% in their peak season, far surpassing the website’s performance.

Personalized User Experience: The app provided a tailored shopping experience with personalized recommendations based on user behavior and preferences. This personalization made users more likely to complete purchases, contributing to higher conversion rates.

2. User Engagement

App Launches and MAU: Frequent app launches and high monthly active users (MAU) indicated strong user engagement. Features like personalized content, seamless navigation, and exclusive app-only deals encouraged users to return to the app regularly. The Qiyorro App has consistently seen a 3:1 App Launch to MAU ratio, proving that they have been able to successfully bring users back to the app multiple times using personalization.

Orders and Browsing: The app’s intuitive design and easy-to-use interface made browsing and purchasing more appealing. This design, combined with the ability to quickly retarget users through push notifications, led to a steady increase in orders placed via the app.

3. Push Notifications and Retargeting

Effective Retargeting: The ability to retarget users at zero cost through push notifications was a game-changer. By sending timely and relevant notifications, Qiyorro kept users engaged and encouraged repeat visits. This strategy significantly boosted conversion rates and overall sales.

Real-Time Engagement: Push notifications allowed Qiyorro to engage users in real-time, providing updates on new products, sales, and personalized offers. This immediate engagement kept the brand top-of-mind for users, driving them to open the app and make purchases.

4. Average Order Value (AOV)

In-App Promotions: Qiyorro leveraged in-app promotions and exclusive deals to increase the average order value. The app’s ability to offer personalized discounts and bundle deals based on user preferences led to higher spending per transaction. The AOV of the mobile app has consistently been 20% higher than the web AOV.


The mobile app significantly contributed to Qiyorro's overall revenue, accounting for approximately 45% of total e-commerce revenue, showcasing its effectiveness in improving conversion rates, user engagement, and overall revenue. The app's personalized features, user-friendly interface, and effective use of push notifications have addressed the limitations of the website, making it a critical component of Qiyorro's digital strategy. Moreover, the mobile app has outperformed all other sales channels by retargeting users at zero cost, thereby adding revenue directly to the brand's bottom line and increasing profits.

Qiyorro's mobile app success story highlights the importance of digital innovation in achieving business excellence and customer satisfaction, setting a benchmark for other brands seeking to enhance their digital presence. Hear directly from them.


Be in the tomorrow of mobile commerce, today.

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